Heads Up Gamekeepers!

As part of Landed Houses’ series on Country Sports, we’ve invited Teresa Bird of Beech Tree Game Farm, to pen a guest Blog for us. Teresa breeds Kansas Pheasants (both day olds, and poults), raising them from her hatchery on her Devon farm. Thank you, Teresa!
Landed Houses asked us what we’ve been up to, and we’ve been busy as ever! This year’s layers are being caught from our Over-Wintering pen, where we’ve been carefully looking at them and making sure everyone is in good health, then vaccinated…….then it’s on to their new homes in the Laying Sheds! We’ve been doing this all morning, and I think we should have picked a warmer day for it – it’s cold in those pens!
Once all the birds have been moved and are settled in, we hope the spring air works it magic, and lots of eggs start appearing.  This should happen around the 19th of this month, there is no excitement like taking the children down to the pens to try and spot the first egg of the season!
From there after the work load will really start to kick in……so Easter will be not so much eating eggs, as collecting them – much better for my waistline though!
That’s our update from BTGF, we hope all you gamekeepers out there are enjoying your hard earned rest………..as it won’t be long before we will be delivering more work for you!
Best wishes,
Teresa Bird
Beech Tree Game Farm
Thanks again Teresa – can we have a photo on the Facebook Page for that first egg?!

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