Golf – the preferred sport of American business*

We spend rather a lot of time in the Landed Houses office, learning about, well, our houses. Recently, I was introduced to fly-fishing, and now, courtesy of the Drenagh Estate in the North West of Ireland, I am learning all about golf. And American business strategy…

There has long been an established link between golf and successful business. There’s something about beautiful, open grounds, green horizons and a bit of sport, that seems to build the strongest of business relationships.

This fact has not been missed by the suits across the sea, and a lot of Drenagh’s guests are American businessmen and women, with their partners, coming to Ireland to see if the words of Charles McGrath (New York Times) are true: 

“Golf in the north of Ireland– a greenish wind – a tossed moonscape, an out-of-body experience where the rules as we know them have been temporarily suspended.” 

Magical place (and writing).

It seems they arrive all year round, determined to battle the elements – absolutely set on reaching the Eighteenth, and possibly (despite – or maybe because of – wearing plus-fours), closing that million-dollar deal.

The golf courses around Drenagh are legendary: Royal Portrush Golf Club (the only     course outside of Great Britain to have hosted The Open Championship), Portstewart Golf Club, Castlerock Golf Club, City of Derry Golf Club, Ballyliffen Golf Club and Ballycastle Golf Club.      

‘What do the partners do,’ I asked. ‘All that time the business-folk are off chasing Birdies?’

Lots, apparently, or little, entirely depending on how they feel. There’s the countryside (including the Giant’s Causeway) to explore, or horse-riding, fishing, archery, clays (skeets), or a nearby spa…sand yachting… .

‘Oo’ I said, momentarily distracted. ‘Tell me all about sand yachting’…

 * according to Bloomberg


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