Free Cake for Any Celebration Through August!

Oo, yummy. If there’s one thing the Landed Houses’s team like, it’s cake. Chocolate cake, banana cake, fruit cake, little cakes, big cakes (and we like recipes, anyone reading this who may have a good one!).


One of our lovely Dorset houses understands the appeal of a jolly good cake – all through August, Chaffeymoor Grange is offering a complimentary cake to any guests celebrating at their house.


When we asked what sort of cakes Chaffers were offering, we were told ‘all sorts!’.

Apparently they can do wedding cakes (in case you have a last minute wedding), or birthday cake, anniversary cake, friendship cake, family reunion cake, holiday cake… cake for whatever you would like.

We said, ‘hurrah! How lovely!’, but then we remembered the nightmare that is Herman The German Cake. ‘Oh dear’, we said, ‘will we have to mess around with yeast and bubbling monsters on the work top all week?’

‘No,’ said Chaffeymoor, mystified. ‘Of course not – we deliver it all freshly baked and beautifully iced. Why on earth…?’

‘Ah’, we nodded. Chaffeymoor doesn’t know the recurring monster that is Herman The German Friendship Cake. We decided not to tell them.

Anyway, if you’d like a short break, or lovely family holiday in Dorset, AND A FREE CAKE (!!), then please call Lindsay on 01747 841 396,

Or visit


About Chaffeymoor Grange

The house dates back to the 1600’s, and sleeps 20 people in 10 bedrooms. It’s in a beautiful spot – the local village of Bourton is in North Dorset, on the  Somerset and Wiltshire border, between Mere and Wincanton. There is – apparently – quite a nice pub in the village in which to while away an afternoon.

It’s also quite easy to get to the seaside from Chaffeymoor Grange (although it can’t really be described as a beach house) – it’s about 30 minutes drive to the Jurassic Coast.

There’s lots of other stuff to do too – Wookey Caves, golf, shooting parties, horse riding, lots of lovely long walks and great little market towns.


Further Information…


For more information about Chaffeymoor Grange (and any other holiday sales, or weekend break sales), do feel welcome to call Lindsay, on 01747 841 396

Or visit

For further details of Last Minute Offers from Landed Houses, do visit


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