Exclusive holiday destinations mean what?

exclusive holiday destinations

Landed Houses examines the dreaded ‘e’ word

That e word is most definitely overused in many online brochures, websites and guidebooks. If you say: ‘ I want exclusive holiday destinations.’ are you likely to get them?

exclusive holiday destinations

Exclusive holiday destinations don’t get more exclusive than this

As an adjective the definition of exclusive means ‘excluding or not admitting’


That might include other things or just restricted to the person, group, or area concerned. Of course, if you are looking for other similar words the list might include: sole, undivided, unshared, unique, only, individual, personal, private, single, special. These words are just what clients have in mind when scouting for a venue in which to host a private party or holiday.


What would you want a landed house, country manor or stately home to provide?

Novar Estate earns its place in a portfolio of exclusive holiday destinations

A stay at the Novar Estate earns its place in a portfolio of exclusive holiday destinations


Well, if you really were seriously weighing up the possibilities of an exclusive holiday destinations for  house parties, vacations or high class conferences even, what would you want a landed house, country manor or stately home to provide? Bearing that list of synonyms in mind it would have to be a property with space, something like a minimum of 5-10 acres. You would probably hope for an element of isolation but not so far from things of interest. Maybe you would be looking for activities that only you or your chosen group of friends can join in with. Think clay pigeon shooting, trout fishing or riding as examples. Somewhere like Novar Estate in Scotland for example, would fit the bill which is a really exciting country sports estate.


Unshared, undivided and personal is what we want from exclusive holiday destinations.


These are just three of the qualities landed houses in the UK can offer their discerning residents. If your guests include A-listers then it’s likely you will be looking for discretion and tight but unobtrusive security. Being well away from prying eyes and unwanted attention when a group makes the decision to relax, is another request that will be immediately arranged in an exclusive venue. The Pekes Estate,  is a stunning example of Tudor architecture was built in 1500. It  has 28 acres of parkland and gardens alongside tennis courts, a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and lawn badminton. Although it is in its own exclusive grounds it is only about 10 miles from Brighton and Eastbourne. This begins to sound more like what exclusive holiday destinations might look like.


Special of course, almost goes without saying.


Just in case you need reminding, some of the UK landed houses apart from The Pekes has a lineage which stretches back into the mists of time. They are imbued with stories and mystery, elegance and pedigree other so-called exclusive destinations would die for. Wherever you would like to visit there is a house waiting for your exclusive occupation. Now isn’t that more like what exclusive holiday destinations be all about?


Take Chaffeymoor Grange in Dorset.


exclusive holiday destination

experience the history and tradition of this UK historic property

Chaffeymoor Grange  dates back to the 17th century and has original mullioned windows, massive fireplaces and exposed beams that will have witnessed conversations over the 400+ years of its existence.


Dedicated and bespoke service is a given at The Elvetham


Elvetham  where there are private landing site facilities for helicopters. It is also the perfect location for exclusive use. The layout of the building and gardens are extremely secure. In addition further security can be provided if required. Therefore your guests can enjoy ultimate privacy in a confidential environment. Exclusive use will mean flexibility the last word in style, discretion and personal security.


So if you have a landed house in mind for a private party or retreat and need help making the right decision do contact Edmund here and he will use his many years’ experience to help you find the ultimate exclusive holiday destinations and venues for house parties and any other exclusive get together.



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