Easiest Ever Easter-Egg Hunts for All Ages

Yes, it’s a nightmare. You’ve got three four-year-olds, two ten year olds and five giant teenagers, all of whom want to do the Easter Egg Hunt. Not to mention your mother and Aunt Mathilda, who take any challenge going as part as their never-ending war of one-upmanship.

What’s the answer? An Easter egg hunt that suits everyone, takes a while but not too long, and – crucially – involves as little work as possible.

The key to it lies in laying the same trail, but giving the hunters different tasks.

We’ve done away with location-based clues – no good at all if you’re all staying in a big house, and you’ve yet to build memories there. Instead, you print out our handy answer sheet, and go stick the answers in hard-to-find places all over an allotted space (like the top lawn of Buckland House, for example, or around the old stables at Plas Dinam).

This game involves no dastardly egg-squabbling (you hold all the eggs…quite literally), and you only dole them out when the hunters return with the password.

The password is Easter Eggs. To stop devious cheats who try to short-cut to the chocolate, each clue carries a number. The Fiendish Rules demand the sum of that number (which equals 2017).


You’ll Need: pens, paper, scissors. A print out of the clues and the Questions for Arm Chair Players. Maybe sticky tape (but not for use on any beautiful wallpaper, furniture nor husbands).


Easy Rules

Hunters must find all of the hidden clues.

Take the first letter of each clue

What does it spell?


Fiendish Rules

Hunters must find all of the hidden clues.

Take the first letter of each clue

What does it spell?

Each clue carries a number

What is the sum of the number?


Arm Chair Hunters

Can play from the sofa, sherry in hand. Questions are below.


Arm Chair Hunter Questions


  1. Cry of approbation
  2. The first with thirty
  3. Astonishment
  4. An inherited pattern of behaviour
  5. Laid Item
  6. Leporidae
  7. Gusto
  8. Given with love
  9. Best day of the week
  10. Fourth day, plus how many pigs?



  1. Excellent
  2. April
  3. Surprises
  4. Tradition
  5. Egg
  6. Rabbit
  7. Excitement
  8. Gifts
  9. Good Friday
  10. Sunday


Happy Easter from the jolly team at Landed Houses,

and thank you: you’re welcome.


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