Country Weekend Shooting Parties…tweedy knickerbockers optional

As you may know, here at Landed Houses, we’re rather into shooting, and, obviously, tweedy knickerbockers. Anyway, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about Clay and Laser Clay shooting at some of our houses…courtesy of Matthew Nimmo, at Birds Hill Days.


Laser Clays are great, because you don’t need permissions and there aren’t the same health and safety concerns as there are with Real Clays (although, you still need a decent bit of space).
The laser clay system used by Matthew is specifically designed to travel to venues, all around the West Country, and are brilliant for a bit of friendly competition on a weekend away.
How They Work

A Clay is fired through the air from a trap (just as a normal clay would be), but with a laser clay, 5 people can shoot at the same time, using concerted 12 bore shotguns.
The clays do not break as they only reflect the laser back to a receiver in the gun, so perfect for a front lawn, orchard or a spare meadow.
Your scores are displayed on an electronic scoreboard and it gets very competitive. Great for events where drinks are served as the only way you can hurt yourself is to drop a gun on your toe. Also quite handy for evening entertainment, as you can shoot the converted shotguns in a low-cut ball dress and not lose any dignity.
Ideal for larger groups and takes between 2 to 3 hours.

 Real Clays
A more serious prospect than laser clays, and one that needs a little more grit and less wimpiness. Definitely not to be done in a ball dress, and definitely, definitely not one to mix with alcohol.
Birds Hill Days shoot with 12 bore shotguns, and they use a light load to cut down the recoil. Fine for both experienced and beginners, girls and boys.
Ypou can shoot clays at houses with the right permissions (usually our larger estates), or you can go to Birds Hill Days’ main base.

For more information, please do feel very welcome to call Matthew at Birds Hill Days on 01984 634468 .

For Tweedy Knickerbockers, visit Ladies-Shooting at

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