Country houses are a draw. Why? asks Landed Houses

Park Hall is a 16th century country house

Why do we love Historic Stately Homes such as Chatsworth and  another country houses so much?

Landed Houses loves Chatsworth House

Landed Houses loves Chatsworth House

What does it say about us?

Landed Houses understands the attraction of stately home and country houses. Prominent destinations such as Chatsworth are approaching the million mark in visitor numbers. In fact this home belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire is now the 4th most popular UK tourist destination after such impressive and iconic ‘must sees’  as Stonehenge, The Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament.

Park Hall is a 16th century country house

Park Hall is a 16th century country house


So what is it that really attracts us in droves?

Yes there are special attractions and exhibitions but in the main the houses themselves are the star draw. Why? We are all fascinated by history and the kind of people who once called houses such as Chatsworth their home. We are amazed they still exist almost intact and it gives us a window on a world which has disappeared elsewhere.


The problem with such a visit is it sets up a longing to live in  country houses

We have a longing to spend even more time in such opulent surroundings.  Human nature is always striving for something we don’t currently have. The media feeds up with aspirations and ideas that may or may not be attainable. What we are left with is a sense of what is possible but sometimes we don’t know how this might be possible.

Imagine sleeping in a four poster bed in a stunning country house

Imagine sleeping in a four poster bed in a stunning country house


What would it be like to sleep in a four poster bed?

What would it be like to throw a party for family and friends, play croquet on the lawn or take afternoon tea on the terrace? Imagine the excitement and fun of dressing for dinner and celebrating a family occasion in a beautiful dining room far removed from the everyday.


These things are actually possible if you know where to look and are willing to explore such possibilities before dismissing such a country house event as an impossible dream. Incredibly if you have enough people to fill a house, sometimes not more than 20 you may well find this works out more economical that putting up the whole family in a B&B. What price to stay somewhere totally unique and away from the world beyond?


Landed Houses wonders why we love exclusive country houses so much?

As Spring has finally arrived, the countryside looks more and more inviting. Even a weekend away in a Jacobean manor or a rural rectory can be just the tonic required . This is esepcially true after such a long and arduous winter. A stay in country houses up and down the country offers a completely different perspective. It is said ‘a change is as good as a rest’ In country houses you will experience both. We think parties, wedding guests and those looking for deep relaxation understand the power and draw of such survivors as stately homes and historic houses. Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited, The Forsyte Saga and even The Tudors set up expectations we all have a sneaking desire to live ourselves.


Landed Houses has picked a stunner in Worcestershire.


So what about Park Hall a 16th century beautiful stately home? It is set in an estate of 132 acres  nestling in the north Worcestershire countryside? Whether you are looking for a traditional clay-shooting party of even something a little more contemporary such a paintballing Park Hall can accommodate. In fact badminton, swimming, a sauna and music studio make this a flexible option in Queen Anne splendour. You won’t have to leave as the gates close you at 5.30pm. You will have the option to wander undisturbed and enjoy the heritage and traditions of the British countryside alone or with friends and families. You can see some of the top UK destinations here

Park Hall is Landed Houses' recommendation for a wedding, party or weekend break in a country house of note

Park Hall is Landed Houses’ recommendation for a wedding, party or weekend break in a country house of note

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