Country House Restoration

The UK press is printing more and more about country house ‘restoration projects’ and we avidly watch television programmes like Country House Rescue. The Country’s fascination with the grand and stately is as strong as ever and it always encouraging to see a house brought back to life. However these projects never come cheap and in some cases it is possible to sanitise a house’s character entirely.

Many of those that undertake regeneration projects do so for commercial value rather than their own use. There is a market for the thoroughly sparkling but, in our experience, there is an equal market for the ‘slightly tired’ where the kids can run around without too much worry. The danger of new fixtures, fittings, wallpaper, carpets, lighting etc is that it is rather hard to keep them all looking new.

The complete renovation makes good television but assuming your property is watertight, clean and everything works then rusting gutters and wobbling door knobs need not be a concern. Save yourself a few hundred thousand pounds and as long as visitors know what they’re getting there will be a market for it. Better to have the manor house that one can enjoy rather than the museum piece with ‘do not touch’!

And, as ever, have a great party.

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