Country House parties and murder nights can be arranged!

Miss Marple meets Jonathan Creek


Crime and Country House parties!  We just can’t get enough!

Murder mystery weekends in country houses

Murder mystery weekends in country houses


It appears we are besotted with fictional crime series and country house parties. We still love the whodunit regardless how sophisticated we have become with our gizmos technological solutions. Put Mr Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and we are glued to our tv screens. We just don’t seem to be able to get enough. of the fun we might have at country house parties up and down the country.


Colonel Mustard in the drawing room

So how might we translate that onscreen passion into something more tangible? How can we ramp up the tension and get to empathise for real with a murder mystery plot? Before you get the wrong idea, Landed Houses is not advocating you commit a crime but be part of a fictionalized plot in the flesh. Yes indeed you could hire a country house, have a country house party and re-enact your very own Colonel Mustard in the drawing room with a dagger dilemma.


Forget feeling tired, Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Miss Marple!

Think about it. The end of another long week, too tired to even slump on the underground but what if you were going away, luggage in hand straight from work. Imagine if you will a trip to the countryside for a weekend with friends and outing your inner Miss Marple. Inside the straining suitcases there are costumes galore. ‘I’ll be Columbo; Poirot, Jack Frost, Nancy Drew.’ The list is almost endless from Swedish depressed detective Kurt Wallander to Inspector Montalbano, Italian kitchen god, the choice is very much yours. Much excitement punctuates the conversation as you all discuss your persona during a murder mystery weekend in your very own country estate.


Think Hamlet meets Jonathan Creek at country house parties all over the UK!

Miss Marple meets Jonathan Creek

Miss Marple meets Jonathan Creek at a country house

You crunch down a gravel drive and are then shown into sumptuous bedrooms. A quick walk in the grounds, a be-costumed champagne soiree and then the action begins. In walks a cast who then dramatise just what has been going on in the house when you were otherwise engaged. Think Hamlet meets Jonathan Creek!

Dressed to kill

You will act as detectives and the aim of your weekend in the country is to solve the mystery. It’s quite straightforward: ‘Who committed the deadly crime? How did they do it and what was their motive? It’s such a great way to hold fun country house parties.


‘I’m going to kill you.’

exclusive holiday destination

experience the history and tradition of aUK historic property for a country house party

Over dinner the suspects will join you at your table and it really will be up to you to bring out their story. It’s a wonderful excuse to ask the kind of questions you never normally dare. ‘ So, were you really having a torrid affair?’ ‘Why did she shout, I’m going to kill you as she left the orangery!’ ‘Did you really lose your entire inheritance over a game of poker?’ After dinner there will be more forensic evidence to pore over, more scenes to watch and a sense of foreboding as dusk falls over the country estate.

A cunning conundrum

Everyone is involved as you study police files and wrack your brains for a possible solution to this cunning conundrum. At the end of the experience your party will be treated to a flashback to the murder scene and one winning team is chosen. Of course you might want a member of your party to be written into the plot. Imagine the kind of birthday surprise that might entail.


If this kind of event appeals, Landed Houses knows all the usual suspects that can make it happen for a special occasion, a party or just a welcome weekend break in a country house.

Contact us and we can organize both the house and your very own two and a half hour murder mystery. Sssh, he’s behind you!


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