Catering Options When Hiring A Large Country House

Assynt House

Assynt HouseIn the ‘good’ old days, sitting down for a banquet in a gloriously large dining hall in some rustic country pile was an easy matter. A click of the fingers and a team of caterers would be at your beck and call, like a well oiled machine. Even the caterers could be well oiled if you so wished.

Today it doesn’t always seem quite that easy, so what are your options if you’re thinking about booking a large country estate for a special occasion such as Christmas, New Year, a birthday or an anniversary? Well, in today’s post we’ll be running through the various options you have, although it’s fair to point out that depending upon which country property to rent you choose your options might vary. Naturally you will tend to find slightly more catering companies in Kensington than the island of Scarp.

One of the most obvious and easiest solutions when hiring a self catering country property is of course to go self catering. It’s sort of in the name really. You can either take with you all of the main bits and pieces you’ll need or buy from a local shop once you’re there. All of the properties have excellent kitchen facilities which should make it pretty easy to rustle up the family favourites. You can choose to be as adventurous as you like, play it safe or even have a rota where each person is responsible for one meal (except Auntie Ethel who always manages to burn everything, including the salad.)

If you’d rather not have to go to the bother of shopping once you’re on holiday then why not order online in advance from your favourite supermarket, and have them deliver to the country home? Imagine opening the front door of a castle or large country estate and being met by a delivery driver from your supermarket! You may even find it comes with added bonuses!

Another option is of course to hire a catering company to provide some or all of the catering needs. Businesses will often do this, and for occasions such as a wedding people tend to opt for this kind of arrangement. But it’s easy to overlook this option when thinking about other occasions such as a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or New Year get together. Hiring a catering company to do the work means that everyone’s free to relax and enjoy their stay without having to mess about in the kitchen (unless you love cooking, in which case messing about in a grand fully equipped country estate kitchen might well be a treat in itself!)

Another alternative is the ‘farmer’s wife’ style of catering, where meals are all prepared for you in advance, and all you have to do is to pick them up, and then finish them off in the oven or on the stove. This combines the best of both worlds, giving you freedom and flexibility without the hassle of doing all the cooking yourself. It’s often a very affordable alternative, and suits many people. Of course, the availability of this sort of catering option is dependent upon local services, and so choosing the property you wish to rent may in some way depend upon the local catering solutions and your own needs.

Of course, alternative solutions involve combining the ‘farmer’s wife’ model with self catering, whereby each person brings a pre-prepared meal which then just needs finishing off, heating up or baking. This saves time on the holiday itself, and keeps costs low. Or you could even just head off to the local pub or nearby restaurants for your meals!

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