Business Incentive Ideas – Exclusive Residential Access To A Country Estate

Roshven House

There’s certainly no doubt that incentives work wonders for businesses. Offering incentives for top performing employees or for teams can act as a powerful motivational tool, as well as being an unequivocal demonstration of the business’s gratitude towards those employees who have worked hard to achieve results.

But when it comes to determining what incentives to offer, this can be a little trickier. If the incentive you offer fails to attract much interest then not only are you committed to offering that incentive still, but you’re going to be doing so without actually seeing any increase in enthusiasm, commitment or results. An incentive should be a reward but one which is worth working for – that is, after all, the very definition of an incentive.

Roshven HouseAt Landed Houses we have the ideal incentive for almost any business – a few days break at an exquisite country home with exclusive access to the entire property and grounds, along with facilities such as a spa, pool, croquet and shooting. Offering this for those employees who achieve certain results or the team who achieves the highest proportion of sales, or positive reviews is an excellent way of motivating people, and far exceeds the appeal of a hotel break or other activity.

By offering exclusive residential access to a country manor or castle is very different from most people’s experiences, and if you allow people to invite their partners along too then you have twice the motivation, because then many people will be as keen to achieve the reward for themselves as they will for their partners.

With many large country homes to rent offering accommodation for two dozen guests or more it is large enough to offer the reward to a broad number of employees, or even the whole company in some cases, but still small enough to be more intimate and private than a hotel break. The problem with booking a hotel break for people is that you lose the intimate feel of community. All of the work colleagues and teams are separated, and diluted through the presence of other guests at the hotel. It’s also likely that late night parties or special events are out of the question due to the fact that other guests need to be considered.

By booking a large country home for a few days you’re free to do as you please, have a late night party if you choose, enjoy the grounds, run events such as shooting or even offer entertainment such as a dance with a live band – it really is up to you, and most country estates offer a rich variety of facilities. You might also consider the location of the property, with the opportunity to run an excursion or visit to which people can come along. Ultimately it’s up to you how you run it, although it’s probably not a good idea to involve any meetings or such like – try to keep work out of it, and let people relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Mind you, booking a large country estate or even a castle gives everyone enough space to be able to get away for a little private time should they wish to. This simply isn’t very easy, or romantic, if booking a hotel, but with sprawling grounds, large rooms and exquisitely decorated bedrooms with stunning views across rolling countryside people are free to enjoy time with their partners or their colleagues and friends, offering the perfect mix of opportunities.

A photograph of a stunning country mansion or sumptuous estate displayed on the wall at work is highly likely to motivate people – why not set it as the default desktop wallpaper on all the computers! We know from past experience that such incentives really do work, and with so many country homes to rent from which you can choose, you may find you’re spoilt for choice.

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