First Week In February…

Life at the Landed Houses offices can be exhilarating, exciting, fabulous and sometimes, really rather odd. This is our regular Blog about what we get up to in our office, with our brilliant landlords, beautiful houses and lovely (mostly) guests. 
Hullo, hullo, I’m Carlie, Head of Marketing. This week has already been flat out, but some really great stuff has been going on. We have all sorts of campaigns running simultaneously, but at the moment we’re working with two of our favourite Scottish houses, the Ormidale Estate and Assynt House.
Country Sport is a big thing for Landed Houses, and we’re looking at how we can support Ormidale and Assynt as the fly-fishing begins in earnest. The season for Scottish salmon fishing runs from January to November, but really kicks off March time, when the temperatures are less harsh. Fly fishing is quite a new sport for me personally, and I keep thinking of the Paul Whitehouse advert, where he’s up to his nickynackynoos in his chest waders ( Although, apparently that’s for trout (season: mid March – 6th Oct).
We’ve also been helping a BBC production crew find somewhere to film The Great British Bake-Off, and a lovely lady from an ITV production company, film the latest shenanigans of a band (uh-oh!  – just had to edit out the name – press don’t know yet!). If either crew settle on any of our houses, you can guarantee I’ll be shrieking madly from all rooftops… watch this space…actually don’t. If we don’t get them, I’ll be out on the fire escape in the rain, crying into my coffee.
And finally… Weird Thing of the Week … a chap from Sutton Coldfield writing to ask if any of our houses have a cellar. What for, we asked. For locking people in, he replied. We sent a message shaking our heads in regret… terribly sorry Sir, they’re all fully booked.
Next Time on LH the Office Blog: Nora, the Tea-and-Cake lady


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