A Place To Stay on the Monsal Trail – Peak District

As part of our ambition, at Landed Houses, to fill in the dismal gaps left by a rubbish Geography teacher in the brain of our Marketing Manager; we are sending Carlie off to learn about the Peak District. In particular, the Monsal Trail. Luckily, she has Justin, from Peak Venues, to help her…

Monsal Trail. Lovely. What’s that, then?

It’s an old railway route that stretches from Blackwell Mill, in Chee Dale, and Coombs Road, at Bakewell. There’s a brilliant cafe in the old station – called Hassop Station Cafe –  where you can hire bikes. Cyclists and walkers love it because it’s traffic-free.

Oo! Could I ride it? On a horse? I’ve a Welsh Cob called Gavin.

Yes, it’s brilliant for any type of wheels (including wheel chairs), and it makes a great pony trek for horse riders.

I wonder if I’d have to poop-scoop?


My horse. I suppose I would. Imagine if a cyclist…

Right. Well. I’m not sure. Anyway –

Yes of course. Sorry. Is it er… very long?

8.5 miles, through the most incredible Limestone Dales. And you can go through the four big tunnels – Headstone Tunnel, Cressbrook Tunnel,  Chee Tor Tunnel and Litton Tunnel.

Oh. I’m not sure Gavin will like a little tunnel –

No, no. Litton Tunnel. They’re big tunnels, it’s an old railway remember. They’re big and they’re even fully lit, although you should always have a torch in your backpack. One of our houses, Cliff House in Monsal, overlooks the trail, and you can walk down onto it in just five minutes.

Excellent! Do you have anywhere for Gavin?

Er, no. But there’s livery nearby. Anyway, the Monsal Trail is… what are you doing?

Booking, of course. At this house of yours. I’ll take a gang of friends and we’ll walk up the Monsal Trail, then  we’ll have a lovely big dinner at Cliff House, and talk about tunnels. Then we might go to the pub. That lovely one – the Royal Oak at Hurdlow.

Oh. Oh great! So no worries about the pony?

Golly no! All completely perfect, see? You’ve got a ground-floor bedroom! You’ll never even know he’s there…


For more info on the Monsal Trail, visit http://www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/visiting/cycle/monsaltrail/monsaltrail-information

For details of booking The Cliff House, Monsal, visit here… http://www.cliffhousemonsal.co.uk/




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