A Murder Mystery In Your Own Country House

Have you ever noticed how many TV murder mysteries seem to take place in manor houses, large country estates and castles? We’re not trying to put you off looking at houses to hire in the country, but these homes do present a perfect location at which to hold a murder mystery night!

Murder mystery nights are fairly easy to organise, but often the problem is space. A quick look through our long list of large country homes to rent for a night or two makes it quite clear that with any of these country properties, space is definitely not a problem.

Imagine the atmosphere as your guests, perhaps dressed in costume, stroll along the terraces before having afternoon tea on the lawn, explore the ornately decorated mansion rooms, perhaps stopping to admire old works of art, a suit of armour or a mysterious door or staircase that leads up to a windswept turret.

Your guests later assemble, perhaps thirteen for dinner, in a sumptuously decorated dining room, the oak panelling offering warmth to help the chill in your bones as the mystery unfolds, the crackling fire reflected in miniature a thousand times in the crystal chandelier, and twice in each pair of suspicious eyes.

Did the butler do it? If you hired a catering team then perhaps your suspicions might lie there, but however the story unfolds one thing is certain, there simply couldn’t be a better location for a murder mystery evening than one of our large country homes. Our houses to hire include country estates that seem to come straight from the pages of the best mystery writers, and one look at the moon rising behind a mist shrouded castle and you’re ready to believe anything is possible.

If you have a special event, perhaps an anniversary or birthday, then a murder mystery held at a large country mansion or castle is an ideal way of having a celebration to die for! Next year is the 60th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s ‘Mousetrap’ play opening, and 80 years since the publication of ‘Peril at End House’. Perhaps a night of peril is in order?

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