A History Of Roshven House, Near Fort William

The Library in Roshven House

The Library in Roshven HouseRoshven House is an astonishing place, situated on a beach overlooking a breathtaking bay dotted with romantic islands, and with otters, deer, seals and even basking sharks all regular visitors to the area, it’s a magical place to escape from the world for a while. The house and the associated boathouse offer luxurious accommodation full of character and history, yet at the same time offering such modern comforts as underfloor heating and WiFi

The main house dates back to 1852, and it’s an interesting fact that every single element used in the construction of Roshven House was specially brought in by sea, from the stones used to create the walls to the earth used in the tranquil gardens. The construction of the house was started by Hugh and Jemima Blackburn. If you’re interested in either art or ornithology you may well have heard of Jemima Blackburn, a very well known and much respected artist and illustrator, with a particular penchant for nature drawings, especially birds. You can read more about Jemima Blackburn here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jemima_Blackburn.

Jemima’s husband, Hugh, was a highly respected Professor of Mathematics at the University of Glasgow, as well as being a lifelong friend of William Thomson, later known as the 1st Baron Kelvin, the man who gave his name to a completely new scale of measuring temperature, including Absolute Zero. Whether the fact that he lived in Scotland and studied freezing temperatures is a coincidence or not remains unclear!

The Roshven Estate covers an area of around 4,500 acres, which is over 7 square miles, and this includes the highest hill in the area which sits behind the house, and from which the estate gains its name – Rois-bheinn. Because of the very deep Loch Eilt pass to the north it is one of the most prominent and breathtaking hills in the British Isles, and is a very popular climb by those keen to enjoy some of the freshest air around, and certainly some of the most magnificent views.

Roshven House was rebuilt from top to bottom between 2007 and 2010, which means that today guests can enjoy the magnificence and history of the old house whilst enjoying modern conveniences and comforts, making it an ideal, and extremely popular choice for anyone looking to get away from it all amidst some of the most inspiring landscapes to be found.

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  1. nancy adams says:

    My parents stayed B&B at Roshven in the 1960s and it was evident then that the house had at one time been commandeered by the army. Can this history be revealed?

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