A Few Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring Country Homes

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Plas CilybebyllIf you’ve started to think about the idea of renting large country homes for large events you may have had a number of questions in mind about how it all works. Today we’ll try to answer some of those commonly asked questions, or ‘faqs’ as they’re known by those who prefer words of no more than three letters! Still, useful for Scrabble I suppose.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a large country estate, or perhaps even your very own castle, there’s a good deal of choice, but it’s not always the outside of the building, or even the inside, which can help make the final decision. Depending upon the time of year the landscape outside and any garden facilities may play an important role in the decision making process, and you may also be keen to consider things such as ease of access, location, parking and local facilities, places of interest and such like. But there are other things to consider too, and it’s often these which make themselves known to us through frequently asked questions.

First of all, many of those people looking to hold business conferences, networking events and even reward trips are keen to know about the potential for offering business facilities. In many of the houses on our site for example you will find that WiFi is available, offering a convenient way of remaining connected whilst geographically (and spiritually!) distanced from the everyday hum drum of office life. However, you shouldn’t assume that just because some of the properties have WiFi that they all do. If in doubt do feel free to ask, but usually we’ve listed this already. You can search for WiFi as a keyword too if you really need this.

Another commonly asked question regards the catering. The fact is that you and your guests will probably want to eat at some point during your stay at one of our country homes. This isn’t a problem, and there are a couple of options. One option is to go self catering. Some businesses who have their own catering staff bring some of these along with them for the stay, whilst many families are happy to do their own cooking themselves. But another option which is very popular is to hire in caterers. It’s surprisingly affordable, offers maximum convenience and enables everyone to get on and enjoy their stay. Obviously if you’re holding a wedding or special anniversary in a country property you’ll hire caterers, but often it’s something people forget or overlook as an option for other events.

A question we’re often asked too about the properties is whether you really will have it completely to yourselves. Well, yes and no. Yes, you will be the only guests. No one else will be able to stay or visit the property whilst it is in your name. You have exclusive access to the property and its grounds, and the reassurance that any guest you encounter must necessarily be one of your party. However, there are some properties, usually the larger ones, which do have some staff who live in or work in the property, either for security, cleaning or grounds work. However, these people won’t get in your way, and will be well aware of your event. In many cases they’re usually only too happy to help offer advice, services and support.

Finally, one of the questions we find winging its way to us on a fairly regular basis is whether weddings can actually take place in the property. This is actually harder to answer in general as there are so many variables, from the type of wedding you want (secular or religious), whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and even which denomination or religion you are. The best thing to do is to let us know the country house you’re interested in and we can help offer advice on facilities and availability, after which you should contact the person who’ll be conducting the wedding (a priest or registrar) and ask them for their advice. However, what we can say is that both weddings and receptions take place on a very regular basis throughout the year at many of the properties on our site, so yes, in many cases it is an option, but just make sure you check first before booking.

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