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This post is written for our landlords but may be of interest to the wider community.

I’ve known about blogging for years but until 2011 dismissed them as a rather vain form of self-promotion, with little other effect. It wasn’t until I met with Alex from London PR that the eureka moment struck.

Blogs are the most efficient way possible to drive search engine traffic.

The reasons are multiple…

1. Using Alex’s analogy, search engines see your blog akin to your site’s heartbeat. The quicker the heart beats (i.e. more frequent and relevant posts), the more ‘active’ the site is. Visitors and therefore search engines increasingly prefer active /current websites.

2. By writing about related topics, ‘long tail keywords‘ can be picked up. So, for example, we might write a post about kite-surfing in Devon with a game of croquet the following day. People do search for spurious terms like ‘croquet kite-surfing Devon’ and they are typically uncompetitive and easy to pick up. Admittedly it’s low volume but an easy win – about 10% of our site-wide traffic comes from someone searching for a phrase and ending up on our blog.

3. Blogging is a way to engage with visitors in a form that looks too informal on a ‘conventional’ website. You can write about felling a 100-year old tree, the trials of installing a new fire system or cats on the roof – all articles which add character and will be read by prospective visitors with the time to read around. It’s worth engaging with them for as long as possible to encourage enquiries. The rule of thumb that we use is an article is worth posting if (a) we can write a few hundred words on the topic, (b) it’s of some interest and (c) it’s directly or indirectly related to what we do.

So, for our members, here’s what we can do…

1. We can create a blog for you at landedhouses.co.uk/blog/house-name. See examples at landedhouses.co.uk/blog/carlton-towers and landedhouses.co.uk/blog/northmoor-house.

2. The blogs are not Landed Houses branded and entirely yours to write and edit. We can set up links to your Facebook account, Twitter account and your own website.

3. Your latest post will automatically show at the bottom of your Landed Houses listing – see example here: landedhouses.co.uk/england/north-england/carlton-towers/

4. It’s worth linking to the blog from your own website too to drive up readership and help raise your blog’s profile.

5. Best of all, it’s free! To proceed just drop Carlie or me a line and we’ll set one up.


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  1. Carlton Towers says:

    Thank you C & E for setting up our blog page for Carlton Towers, we’re having lots of fun with it and liking how easy it is to post our news! 🙂

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