Gamekeepers Beware!

As part of Landed Houses’ series on Country Sports, we’ve invited Teresa Bird of Beech Tree Game Farm, to pen a guest Blog for us. Teresa breeds Kansas Pheasants (both day olds, and poults), raising them from her hatchery on her Devon farm. Thank you, Teresa!

Teresa writes:

My laying ladies are wet – when is this weather going to improve? Although I’ve just seen a ‘sun’ on the Met Office’s forecast…mm…fingers and everything else crossed!

 As most of you keepers and shoot owners out there will know, this weather will mean there will be trouble ahead……so bear that in mind if you haven’t ordered. If eggs are short so will poults be; us gamefarmers may be clever, but we haven’t worked out yet how to make a chick without an egg.

 Despite this wintery weather, though, outside work still needs to be done. The incubators are on (with the first hatch in shortly), the rearing field is taking shape, and the eggs still need collecting twice a day, and whilst thinking of that…I need a new pair of water proof leggings. There seems to be only so many times one can bend over in them…Oh! Or perhaps a larger size should be sought? Oh dear.

 So, despite the horribly wet laying season, lets hope a dry rearing season will follow – we don’t want a shortage of pheasant poults!

Will keep you informed,

Teresa B.


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