50th Birthday And Anniversary Ideas

Park Hall

Park HallWhen it comes to celebrating your half century, whether that’s a birthday or an anniversary, it’s important you do things right. That usually involves inviting your friends and family to share your special occasion, but after fifty odd years there’s a bit of a problem.

Because your friends and family are probably pretty numerous, and pretty dispersed. The benefits of having been around for a few decades inevitably means that your social circle will be quite wide, and it’s hard to narrow it down too much. Not only that but you may well be lucky enough to have a growing family, and you’ll also want to include them in your celebration. On top of all that, these days we don’t tend to stay in one place too long, with families frequently spread over the whole country, and even abroad. So what’s the answer?

Well, you’re on Landed Houses, so what do you think? But the truth is that with the many beautiful large country homes to rent in England there’s bound to be somewhere perfect for you to hold your special event. There are many rural homes to rent which offer plenty of bedrooms, meaning that your guests can stay overnight, which is essential if they’re having to travel quite a way, and the party is likely to go on for a wee bit past 7pm!

Of course, if you are looking at large houses to rent for your 50th birthday or anniversary celebrations then there’s no need to even restrict your day to a single day – you could have a long weekend or a mid week break. If your family or friends are very widely dispersed, perhaps having to fly in from halfway round the world then it will be important to make the most of their visit, and a few days in a stunning country home is the ideal way of doing this.

You could of course book a hotel, but the trouble with this is that it’s not yours. You’ll have other guests mingling about, you can’t exactly make a whole lot of noise, you’ll need to close the party down when it gets late and you’re limited as far as what you all do is concerned. With a large country estate you really can do as you please, since you and your guests are the only ones there. Eat when you want, sleep when you want, make as much noise as you like, party until you drop, and of course enjoy a magnificent environment in which to really feel special.

Unlike with a hotel you’ve often got access to large grounds too, as many large homes in the country offer extensive grounds, terraces and gardens to enjoy, and you can even find some houses which include facilities such as a swimming pool, spa, croquet and even a spot of shooting. Effectively, rural homes for rent offer so much more, and as you’re only fifty once, and it’s unlikely that many people are ever going to celebrate two 50th wedding anniversaries in their life, making it special is important.

If your social circle is both numerous and dispersed then why not look at some of the homes to rent in England which we have on our site? After all, fiftieth celebrations don’t come round that often! Well, ever fifty years of course, but that’s the point. Of course, if your birthday is close to Christmas or New Year you could always combine the two events and bring everyone together for a really memorable celebration! And just think – no set time for breakfast the next morning!

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