5 Amazingly Cool Things To Do On a Rainy Day In A Big House

We love big houses – you know we do. All year round, no matter what the weather. But one of our utter favourite things about big houses, is how much fun you can have in them on a rainy day.

Do you have cabin-fever? Feel like banging your face against one of the four walls? Would like to stuff a wet kipper in the mouth of the next person who moans that they’re bored?

Then choose from our Landed Houses’ list! 

Build an amazing den, complete with network of tunnels and early-warning invasion systems. Can’t remember how to build a den? Of course you can! Use furniture, chairs, duvets, sheets and rugs – your early warning invasion system can be strategically placed wind-chimes, or whoopi cushions, or whatever. So… you’re all set. You have your dens…now comes the battle – go! Go! Go! Grownups have to have one hand tied behind their back if they’re playing with children. If it’s all grown ups, then tie up whatever you like. 

Bake and ice a lovely cake, ready to take with you as a picnic cake next time the sun comes out. Or stuff it all down, if you’re too glum and the rain just won’t stop.

Go puddle diving. This takes a lot of nerve, and a chilled attitude to mud. You’ll need wellies, a rain coat and trousers and socks that you can get dirty. Apply all safety gear (swimming goggles may be a step too far). Run out into the rain, and find some puddles. Jump as much as you can, making the biggest waves possible, preferably soaking anyone who tries to steal your puddle. Revel in it. Then go home and get changed.

Dressing For Dinner (or lunch, or tea). Staying at a holiday house might mean a slight lack of dressing up clothes (although you might be surprised – quite a lot of our houses have dressing-up trunks tucked away). Anyway, you have each others’ clothes! Swap them! Decide on a theme, and spend the afternoon creating and assembling your outfits, ready for a meal, where you spend at least until pudding in character.

Have an Olympic Games – either truly Olympic (with hurdles and everything…Long Galleries are good for this), or with board, card or billiard games. Keep a big sheet on display, with who’s won what, and award prizes at the end. 

If anyone has any other sterling suggestions for rainy day activities, do yell, and if we feature the idea, we’ll send you a very lovely Landed Houses pen.

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