Bar Graphs and Percentages – Scottish Houses looking good for 2012!

Inside the office – it’s all about Scotland this morning… and calculators, which I need to do all this percentage malarky. And bar-graphs, because we love them…

Apparently, Scottish Tourism is on the increase – which is great news for our houses. We’ve just been doing a bit of number crunching (helps our marketing), on the Visit Scotland website, and last year saw a 15% increase in tourism spend in Scotland. That equates to £2511 million. Golly.

Even more encouragingly, Visit Scotland suggest this increase might be due to major events having a domestic focus – does that mean then, that the Jubilee and Olympics combined, will both have an even greater increase? How exciting!

Our houses are certainly seeing a surge of interest, with more and more people choosing to holiday, party or marry in Scotland.

If you’d like to know more about this trend, visit the links below. If you’d like to stay in one of houses…here’s a link for them, too!


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