Hatch House, a Venue for Marquees

We have some great houses that offer marquee-only, or non-accommodation bookings, and we’re building our collection all the time. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous garden in Wiltshire (try Hatch House), or a boardroom with a moat in Herefordshire (try Brinsop Court), then we can share the perfect house with you.

There’s something very special about holding your wedding in the county you grew up, or in which you live, and leaving your house (or your parents’ house), to go to the church you’ve known forever.

View Houses for Marquees

In the past, we’ve only collected exclusive-use houses you can stay in overnight, but we’re hoping to change that – there are some extraordinary non-accommodation houses that we just can’t resist (and quite a few of our visitors who are asking for them!). Often the houses are in much-loved (and sometimes famous) gardens, and marquees can billow on immaculate lawns, guests can wander through rose-bowers and topiary…then the bride and groom can be whisked off to start their honeymoon, and carriages can be called for the rest of your guests.

Big Houses for Marquee-Hire

In a professional situation, it’s sometimes quite handy to hire a beautiful big house for a party or event, then bus the guests in from various hotels. The hotel saves on any awkwardness over shared bathrooms and early-morning politeness with Dave from Accounts, but you still get an amazing venue for the event itself (and incredible photos for everyone to Tweet about).

Marquee hire at a country house is also a great opportunity to host clients or potential clients in a private environment. Unlike a race-course or Awards evening, you can control everything from the schedule to the level of press interest (none at all, if that’s what you’d prefer). You can also design the space to best suit your products or your company’s individual needs (fifteen-foot ice-sculpture of a shoe? No problem…). You can also change the use of a marquee within minutes, from theatre-style seating for a presentation, to a dinner-dance for your guests to enjoy.

Every house we collect has a good and capable management team, who can assist as much or as little with your event as you wish.

A Word From Edmund

These houses offer exquisite backdrops for marquees which can be used to host weddings or other events and celebrations. Accommodation is usually available in nearby B&Bs and hotels and houses can recommend suitable places. The lack of ‘included’ accommodation means that marquee-only venues tend to be much less expensive than full house rental, but they still offer exclusive use of the grounds. Venues can provide details of marquee-hire companies and local caterers, even up to florists and wedding car providers.