Each house on Landed Houses defines their own COVID-19 policy. To provide a common benchmark we have created a ‘Platinum Policy’ badge that houses can elect to use if they the meet the criteria below.

The Platinum Policy

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not an insurance policy provided by Landed Houses (we’re not an insurer) – instead these are terms that houses can opt-in to offering their guests. Full details will be provided via your booking terms and conditions with the property.

Landed Houses COVID Platinum Badge

If, due to coronavirus-related legislation, the house is unable to offer you the accommodation offered (including agreed dates and size of group), then you, the guest, will have two options:

– Full refund of all monies paid to the house; or

– Transfer of the booking to another date instead if both parties agree.

The decision to cancel can be made at any point by you or house if you both agree to it. If you don’t agree, then the decision can be made unilaterally by either party within eight weeks in advance of the stay. (This protects both parties from forced cancellation a long way in advance when the rules might change. However, you could also agree to make the decision closer to the date of the stay than eight weeks ahead.)

If the house is able to provide accommodation offered (i.e. there is no national lockdown or a local lockdown for the house’s area) but you, the booker/lead guest, are in an area of lockdown within eight weeks in advance of the stay, then only a credit voucher or postponement will be offered.


More generally, for those wondering about the effects of COVID-19 on your booking (or potential booking), here are a few guidance notes:

  • All bookings are made directly with the houses (or, in rare cases, their appointed agents) – this means you deal directly with them to avoid unnecessary middlemen.

  • Policies vary between houses so you should check before you book to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Most houses have a “we’ll rebook or refund you if regulations prevent us from opening” approach, but it’s always worth checking. A few have more generous policies (e.g. flexible cancellation). You could also ask to pay via credit card for additional protection.

  • Where there are restrictions on the number of households, most houses will ask you to self-determine the number of households in your group and ensure you are in compliance with the regulations.

Above all, please don’t let coronavirus deter you from making enquiries. All our houses are well used to being asked what their policies are, so don’t be afraid to ask.

The houses below have opted-in to the Platinum Policy for COVID refunds.

Gresham Hall Estate

Gresham Hall Estate

20 Guests 10 Bedrooms
Weekends from £2,000
Weeks from £3,000

Three slow-pottering miles from the sea, Gresham Hall is perfect for holidays with friends or family.

Stow Manor

24 Guests 9 Bedrooms
Weekends from £1,538
Weeks from £1,950

A big holiday house on the beautiful Stowlangtoft Estate, in deepest, greenest Suffolk

Little Gaerfields

25 Guests 9 Bedrooms
Weekends from £2,000
Weeks from £2,200

Little Gaerfields - with beautiful views in the heart of Herefordshire. The perfect escape!

Ringshall Grange

23 Guests 8 Bedrooms
Weekends from £2,500
Weeks from £3,500

A beautiful, private moated manor house, in the depths of the Suffolk countryside.

The Copse, a large house for partie.s and weddings

The Copse

20 Guests 9 Bedrooms
Weekends from £3,000
Weeks from £9,000

A friendly oak-framed house in the Chilterns, perfect for parties of family and friends.

Assynt House

14 Guests 7 Bedrooms
Weekends from £4,300
Weeks from £5,900

Assynt House is great for parties of families and friends - catch up and slow down in the perfect Scottish holiday house.

Llanfendigaid Estate

31 Guests 16 Bedrooms
Weekends from £1,835
Weeks from £2,445

Llanfendigaid sits wrapped in its own bluebell woods in the Snowdonia National Park - less than a mile from the beautiful Welsh Coast.

Crogen Estate

31 Guests 16 Bedrooms
Weekends from £2,000
Weeks from £3,000

An estate offering the very best of life in Wales – beautiful, dramatic and private countryside, outstanding country and water sports, and some fabulous food.

Boxted Hall

26 Guests 13 Bedrooms
Weekends from £3,800
Weeks from £4,800

Boxted Hall is a romantic country manor, found deep within the lushest of Suffolk parkland.

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